Theta Lambda Gentlemen’s Society Works to Restore Chivalry and Knighthood.

FullSizeRenderLaGarrius Thomas, Founder and President of the Theta Lambda Gentlemen’s Society

Tuscaloosa, Ala– On September 29, 2015, LaGarrius Thomas, a sophomore Electrical and Electronic Engineering student, became the Founder and President of the Theta Lambda Gentlemen’s Society on The University of Alabama campus.

The Theta Lambda Gentlemen’s Society is a social club to groom better men. “We want our guys to unlock the potential that we know that they have, to take the extra step from being a man to becoming a Gentlemen.”

Thomas operate his society with the belief that the title of gentlemen is more than just putting on nice clothes and going out.

Thomas saw “a generation of young men who were losing touch in who they were, the concept of chivalry was lost, and being a gentleman was unheard of.”

So, he created Theta Lambda with these 5 principals in mind:

  • Promote chivalry
  • Evoke Wisdom
  • Encourage Brotherhood
  • Develop Character
  • Pursue Scholarly Achievements

Thomas took these principals out into the community and to other colleges and universities and began recruiting members to join him. He reached out to the youth in in grade schools and high schools, becoming a mentor and tutor to the students and thriving to become a positive role model in the young men lives he encountered whom might not have that support at home.

“Our students look forward to seeing us every day, they hate it when we aren’t there,” said Thomas, “We see the change in them, we see the way they hold themselves differently from when we first started working with them.”


Thomas isn’t alone. Kaylon Graham, a senior student double majoring in Apparel and Textile Design as well as General Business, and secretary of the Theta Lambda Gentlemen’s Society, sees their society as an opportunity to bring about change.

“This is an opportunity to instill politeness and knighthood, an opportunity to create better men,” said Graham.

Graham also teach his students the importance of style by giving his young students style tips on how to tie a tie and the difference in bowties. He emphasizes the importance of appearance by telling his students to “dress how they want to be addressed.”

As the Gentlemen’s Society mission statement says, Thomas and Graham are working to “engage, enrich, and empower men for successful careers, healthy lifestyles, leadership opportunities, and well-balanced relationships.” They live out the principals and mission of the Theta Lambda Gentlemen’s Society in their everyday lives as they work and mentor their 12 students to also live by the principals and mission they have instilled in them.



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