Not a Poem, Not An Introduction… This is My Proclamation.

cropped-cropped-photos-library.jpg“I’m just a soul whose intentions are good. Oh Lord, please don’t let me be misunderstood”- Nina Simone


We are all driven by something. Our essence thrives because of this thing.
That one thing gives “passion” meaning.
It brings awareness to the beating of your heart.
The thing that you have found life in.
Makes the air that fills your lungs feel different.
Laughter tastes different.
What is that thing for you?
Crack open the shell that hosts your soul and search deep within.
Remove the labels, strip yourself bare of all things socially constructed.
Dig deep.
Have you made it to the core of your being?
Have you found the divine nature of all that you are yet?
Now tell me what it looks like. That thing.
That driving force.
The drum of your heart beat.
The skeletal system that holds you together.
This is your purpose.
This is your glory.
The thing that gives your life substance.
Take hold of it and nurture it.
Water this seed.
And grow into all that you were destined to be before this world told you all that you should be.
This thing. Your purpose.
Needs no-one else’s permission to grow. It belongs to you. And you alone.
Be true to it.
Allow it to make a home out of you. And you out of it.
Grow into it and allow it to consume all that you thought you were.
Your glory is powerful.
It is yours and yours alone and no one can take that from you even if they tried.
And believe me they will try.
Again and again.
They will try to steal your purpose
And it will feel like shackles have been placed on your freedom.
But know that you are almighty and nothing can take away that fire.
They will tell you to settle down. To sit and be like sheep.
They will tell you to question nothing, accept everything.
They will tell you to get that college degree and send you on a wild goose chase.
They will wave dollar signs in your face like a mule with a carrot.
They will have you searching for a job that doesn’t exist.
What good would it be for a man to gain the whole world for the price of his soul?
Take heed or you will soon see that your soul has been sold to the highest bidder.
Corporate America.
Be true to your passion.
Be true to your calling.
Embrace the raging fire inside you.
Own everything that makes your heart beat.
Don’t let this world silence your drum.
You dance. And you march to that mothafucka no matter who tries to stop you.
You… are all soul whose intentions are good.
Yes. You will be misunderstood.
But stand up for your truth,
Or stumble and fall for every lie this world will tell you.



Did The University of Alabama Throw Shade at Lucy’s Memorial?

IMG_0748    TUSCALOOSA, Ala —    On September 15, 2017, Mrs. Autherine Lucy Foster stood under a tent on Graves Hall lawn and faced a crowd of over 200 eager faces anxiously waiting for her to speak on her experience.  Mrs. Foster had returned to The University of Alabama to be remembered and honored at the same school that had expelled her sixty-one years earlier because of the color of her skin.  But today, the University of Alabama would unveil a historic marker in her honor for paving the way for many of African-American students at the University.

Friends and family gathered under a tent surrounded by students, faculty, and news reporters; all of whom couldn’t think of a place they’d rather be than right there on Graves Lawn in the Alabama heat standing before a legend.  Everyone, friends and strangers alike all hovered in close to hear what Mrs. Foster had to say.

“Everyone went silent when she spoke.  No matter the anxiousness, no matter the heat, when she spoke everyone got quiet,” said Stacy Jones, Associate Dean of Students and fellow Zeta Phi Beta sister of Mrs. Foster.

The 200 individuals present at such a monumental event basked in the presence of such a courageous and historic figure.  However, there should have been many, more people in attendance, and many more would have liked to have been present. So why weren’t they? Because, as many students and faculty feel, The University of Alabama dropped the ball in informing the student body that Mrs. Foster would be presenting on campus that day.

The students in attendance either found out about the event the night before or the day of through a few student-run social media sites like the Black UA snapchat account. The University owns and operates multiple sites, like University Programs, that serve the purpose of keeping students in the loop about upcoming events and guest speakers.  Within each building, dorm hall, or rest room, there are bulletin boards covered in flyers about events taking place across campus. Students are even bombarded by emails detailing the events that will be taking place each week on campus.

So, “why wasn’t it on University Programs?” asked Mikaela Anderson, a senior psychology student at the University. Anderson caught word of the event at the last minute. She was able to attend but was disappointed by the lack of students in attendance.




A few students even took to twitter the day of the honoring and demanded that the



University publicize the event. Students questioned whether or not the University wanted them to know that the event was even taking place.

A student pointed out the fact that the NAACP came to the campus and the student body didn’t know about that either.  Allegedly, President Bell responded, “The people who were deserving were in attendance,” when students questioned him about the lack of information given to the campus about such a visit.

“With this being an institute of higher education, it makes me question the University’s competence,” said Brittany Bounds, a senior social work student, who also expressed disappointment in the lack of students present and widespread publicity surrounding the event.

The honoring of Autherine Lucy Foster was a monumental and historic occasion at the University of Alabama that many will remember for the rest of their lives.  Yet,  many will wish that the University would have informed them of the chance to witness history every time they walk past the marker that stands in front of Graves Hall.